Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman vs Midnight Express at Capitla Combat and the bests are on the line...

Capital Combat 1990- US Tag Team Titles on the line as the champs Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman take on the Midnight Express with Jim Cornette locked in a cage- pity they hadn't locked booker Ole Anderson up also.

In Ole Anderson's first PPV - Midnight Express win the US Tag team titles from Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman in 20.19. Jim Cornette was placed in a cage at ringside ...Pillman's chest was all bruised up before the match even started courtesy of working most of the past week with Flair. Good fast action all the way. In some spots the guys seemed slightly flat, I would guess because of the heat (no air conditioning). Still, it was the best match on the card. Zenk and Pillman did most of their best moves early. Midnights gained control when Pillman missed a tackle at the 10 minute mark and they worked him over for most of the rest of the way. Pillman juiced the hardway from the forehead which I understand wasn't mentioned nor evident to home viewers. He took one great bump from the apron on to the guard rail. Midnights did their usual hot moves, including two or three new ones while working Pillman over. The hot tag to Zenk was the biggest pop live of the entire night. After Zenk kicked out of the rocket launcher and Eaton missed a tackle into the corner, Zenk put the sleeper on. It turned into a four-way and Lane gave Zenk an enzuiguiri (karate kick to the back of the head, although it looked more like the upper back) and Eaton cradled Zenk for the win " Meltzer rates it *** and three quarters.

Observer 7/16/90 Steve Sims in a column article lists this as one of the 10 best matches of 1990

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