Wednesday, April 16, 2008


From 2/6/93, the Hollywood Blondes (Brian Pillman and Steve Austin)continue on their quest for tag team gold, but Tom Zenk and Johnny Gunn stand in their way!

Can-Am Connection vs The Islanders

Can-Am Connection (Tom Zenk and Rick Martel) vs The Islanders -Haku (King Tonga) and Tama (Tonga Kid)

Shortly after WrestleMania, the Islanders were scheduled for a match on the WWF Superstars of Wrestling. Their opponents were the popular Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk), in what was billed as a scientific match.

Manager Bobby Heenan appeared at ringside during the bout, seemingly surprising both teams, the referee, and the commentators. The confusion allowed the Islanders to attack the Can-Ams from behind, giving the Islanders a countout win. Tama's gave a flying headbutt to Tom Zenk on the arena floor as Bobby Heenan gloated over his new tag team. A summer feud with the Can-AM's, the most popular tag team in the federation was just on the horizon.